A full and rich itinerary which walks where jesus walked!

SatURDAY 2nd May

Today we travel to Israel and are met by our guide and dedicated Coach. On this first day in the Holy Land we will see something of modern Israel as we travel to Jerusalem and book into our lovely hotel. There may even be time for a swim in the roof top pool with views over the city.

SUNDAY 3rd May

Our first day of actual visits will take us through history as we spend time in David's city and for those who wish - walk through the flooded Hezekiah's Tunnels to the Pool of Siloam. We visit the model of Jerusalem from the time of the Temple and the remarkable Shrine of the Book helping to understand the Dead Sea Scrolls and how archeology has confirmed so much bible truth.
Finally we get a few options which include Walking the Walls of the City, Time wandering the city or Returning for relaxation at the hotel. A great and full first day!

MONDAY 4th May

We spend our second full day in Jerusalem and start in the city at the western wall - a significant place of history and faith. We visit sites relevant to first century christianity including the Ecco Homo (Behold the Man) church. After an included lunch at Petra Gardens we spend time following in the footsteps of Jesus from the Mount of Olives, the Dominus Flavia Church and the Garden of Gethsemane.
After an early dinner we attend the magnificent Sound and Light Show of the history of Jerusalem at the Citadel.


Today we spend time at the Garden Tomb and share in Communion together and reflection as we visit the site of Jesus resurrection. We then say farewell to Jerusalem to discover the life and ministry of Jesus across the Holy Land. Firstly we visit the Shepherd's Fields above Bethlehem and engage with the Coming of Jesus - foretold and witnessed.
We then travel further afield and visit en route to the Wilderness and Desert the Qumran site. Our accommodation for the next two nights are bedouin tents (upmarket with en-suites) where we will enjoy some special food and music in the unchanging landscape of the Land of the People of the Book.


For those who wish we start early with a dawn vigil as the sun rises and after breakfast we have a wonderful day at the two main sites in this area. Firstly - the hill fortress of Masada - the magnificent summer retreat of the Herods and the site of the final rebellion against Romans rule in AD 66 - and then the salt rich Dead Sea - the lowest body of water on the planet - where you can even float ion the health giving minerals of this geological phenomena.
After dinner in the desert we have a time of devotion and reflection together.


We leave our desert hideaway to travel north towards Galilee - the route passing Jericho and the site of the crossing of the Jordan into the Promised land. Here we will spend some special time nearby in the very Judean desert that Jesus spent 40 days in - walking the same paths, sharing the same views.
Continuing we visit the remarkable site of Beit Shean - of biblical significance and travel beside the Jordan River and along the coast of the Sea of Galillee till we reach our splendid hotel on the shore of the lake. We are deep into the land of Jesus and the disciples here
Wilderness experience near Jericho - the unchanging lake and hills so significant to him.


In a special day we start early and visit the Jordan River where we will baptise or renew baptismal vows of any who seek this. We the visit the Nazareth Village - recreated to give an understanding of the life of Jesus - where we share a lovely lunch.
After lunch we visit various key sites but end at the beautiful lakeside Tabgha - the site of the feeding of the 5000. Here we break bread ourselves.


We start early and travel to Banias and a most significant site for Jesus and the disciples. Here Peter declared you are the Christ and following this Jesus set his eyes towards his final days in Jerusalem. Returning the lakeside we dine together on Peter Fish, the special fish from Galilee that have been fished for thousands of years and then visit the site of the synagogue at Capernuam - where Jesus began his ministry. Our final opportunity here will be a boast trip on the Sea of Galilee - for worship and reflection.

SUNDAY 10th May

This is our last day in Israel and we stay at hotel for the morning enjoying the facilities and and have an early lunch before setting off. On the way to the airport we visit the ancient Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea on the Mediterranean Coast - a peaceful and tranquil last point of reflection in the Holy Land.


Thank you to you and Helen for all your work on this great trip. We went with high expectations and were not disappointed. I found your approach of finding places where Jesus walked rather than churches was absolutely right. I was most impacted by the boat trip on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus floated there, and saw those mountains, and walked those shores. Also the desert between Galilee and Jerusalem was a big surprise. I hadn't appreciated phrases like "a man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho" what that meant.
I have begun to understand what the Gospels meant about Mary, when she "kept all those things and pondered them in her heart". I found there were so many moments, images and places to process, as well as the words I was given. Lots that I would like to have done again slowly, to absorb more. Being baptized in the Jordan, knee deep in Hezekiah's tunnels, soaked to the skin on Jerusalem's ramparts ---as well as being in the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Med.----it was a literal immersion in experiencing God in the Land He loves and where Jesus walked. The words you both gave were really helpful and challenging us to go deeper into Him.